Media Double Standards

Abbas’ Rant

We must wipe the Palestinians out of Palestine, to make Palestine a land without a people for a people without land.

Did Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism say the above quotation?

No, he did not. In fact, there is no record of anyone making that declaration. (Herzl’s vision for the state was one in which all citizens, Arab and Jews had equal rights. It was a main theme of his writing.)

Yet Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, cited the made-up quotation in a long rambling speech to the  PLO Central Council. It was just one of many fictional historical accounts that he cited.

Where are the media’s fact checkers? Even though the claim is farcical, the fact that it (and many, many other absurdities) was made by the internationally recognized leader of the Palestinian people demands media scrutiny.

Abbas’ speech was also full of  vehemently critical comments about President Trump, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and David Friedman, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Those remarks were well covered, as they should be. The Trump Administration has upended decades of U.S. policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It was natural and expected for Abbas to lash out.

But the reaction was expected. If Abbas had not responded angrily to diplomatic moves that put the U.S. clearly on Israel’s side, it would have been a surprise. No one reading the description of the speech in the New York Times or other newspapers would have given Abbas’ reaction a second look.

However, the media should have focused on what Abbas focused on for over two hours. Abbas laid clear in stark terms the entire Palestinian view of history, with a rambling, factually inaccurate, and extreme speech that explains why the Palestinians can never make a real peace with Israel, regardless of who sits in the White House.

Abbas laid out a version of history completely at odds with reality. For hours he rambled on about how Europe conspired against the Palestinian people to create the colonial empire of Israel. Long before 1948, the Europeans were devising ways to subjugate the Palestinian people and create a puppet state of Jews to do their bidding. He made the dellusional claim that Israel had nothing to do with Judaism.

If anyone believes just a fraction of Abbas’ ramblings, then peace with Israel is not a possibility. To make peace with such an artificial entity, created for subjugation of another people, would not be acceptable by anyone.

This is the real “news” of Abbas speech. He has clearly articulated the official Palestinian position. It does not matter how forthcoming Israel could be since by Abbas’ words, the conflict is not over the borders or powers of a Palestinian State.

The goal of “peace negotiations”according to Abbas is to rectify the historical crime of the creation of the State of Israel.  Doesn’t the New York Times have an obligation to characterize these remarks as delusional, divorced from historical reality?

Aren’t they concerned that there may be many people, among their millions of readers, who might believe that Herzl’s goal  — and by extension the State of Israel’s —  was to wipe out “Palestinians.”

You can read the full transcript here. If any international leader had made a speech so devoid from reality, the media would focus on the extreme lies and historical fiction. Why does it seem that Abbas always gets a pass when other leaders are judged by the accuracy of their words?

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