After terrorists brought guns onto the Temple Mount and murdered Israeli police officers, Israel decided to put metal detectors and cameras by the entrances to the holy site. It did not seem like such an extreme measure, especially considering that Jewish worshipers have had to go through metal detectors for years when approaching the Western Wall plaza, located below the Temple Mount.

Yet the placement of the metal detectors caused violent rioting by Palestinians who believe that the Israeli measures infringed on their control of the site. Along with the rioting, the Palestinians refused to enter the Temple Mount and instead prayed in the streets.

Those are the basic facts that anyone interested in understanding what was happening had to know. Yet a short article from the Associated Press, Jerusalem Find Voice Through Prayer Protests, that appeared in the New York Times, left out the most important details. Rather than telling readers about the violence or the fact that the protest was over the placement of metal detectors director after a deadly terrorist attack, the article makes it sound like this was a wonderful example of peaceful protest against an injustice.

Granted this was an initial article that could have been updated and modified. But the fact remains that anyone who happened to see the online article would have been left with few of the facts to obtain a real understanding of the issue.

Ultimately, as the publisher, the Times is responsible for content on its website. They could have done better.


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