“Abbas is a staunch opponent of violence”


Not even close.

Mahmoud Abbas may not be the most extreme Palestinian leader, but to refer to him as a “staunch opponent of violence” as one of the world’s most influential news companies did defies credibility.

The above sentence can be found in the Associated Press article, “Israeli Troops Placed on High Alert After Deadly Stabbings.” One has to wonder how the AP came up with that designation.

Can the AP point to speeches where Abbas exhorts Palestinian crowds to forsake violence? Has Abbas taken any action against the glorification of terror that is reflected throughout all aspects of Palestinian society? Has he objected to the PA’s own media repeatedly engaging in incitement?

Palestinian Media Watch reports that while Abbas had nothing to say about the terrorist murder of 3 Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount, he did encourage the rioters by saying:

We have supported you in what you have done and what you are doing. We are with you in everything that you have done and are still doing.
His Fatah political party published thus image on Facebook:


Hardly an image Ghandi or any other “staunch opponent of violence would have promoted.”

The AP is just plain wrong in describing Abbas to readers this way. To find out about Abbas’s history promoting terror and violence would be an easy assignment for any reporter.

Unless they didn’t want to.

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