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The True ‘Right-Wing Extremists’

If you follow Western media coverage of Israel, you might think that the government is composed entirely of right-wing extremists. Pejorative adjectives are used regularly to provide “context” when Israeli leaders are mentioned in articles.

You could even be forgiven for not knowing that Israel is a democracy in which voter turnout is far higher than in the United States. The fact that Israel exists as a real democracy in a region where the norm is brutal dictatorship is rarely mentioned amid the labels of “hawkish” and “extreme.”

However, the same media that uses these terms treats extreme Palestinian political parties like Fatah and Hamas very differently.

On Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, recognition of Israel — all the main issues of the peace process — there have never been any official Palestinian concessions.

Yet media outlets are extremely reluctant to refer to Fatah as “right-wing,” “extreme,” “hawkish” or any of the terms that are used to give Netanyahu and Likud a negative image. So the majority of news consumers will fail to understand the true reality of Abbas’ and Fatah’s rule.


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