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Is the Hebron Shooter Guilty?

If you clicked on the title and are reading this now, chances are that you have your own answer to the question. In fact, if you are like most of us, you have known whether the soldier accused of killing an allegedly incapacitated terrorist was guilty or innocent from the initial news reports.

I remember a friend in the media who wrote publicly that the video of the incident “clearly shows” the soldier firing his gun and killing the man on the ground. This was incontrovertible proof, at least to him, that the soldier was guilty of a terrible crime.

But if we could approach the incident with an open mind and honestly describe what the video shows, we would have to admit that in reality, a vehicle blocks the view of the camera right before the fatal shot was fired. We see the man on the ground and the soldier approaching. We can’t see anything for a second. Finally, we see the man bleeding out on the ground.

Of course, no one on either side of the issue is suggesting that the soldier did not fire that fatal shot. So the fact that we can’t actually see it gets lost in the debate.

But it IS important because it shows that the way each one of us sees and understands events is always filtered by our own opinions.

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