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Terrorism in the Media

One of the most important elements for determining how accurately the media covers Israel is how Palestinian terrorist groups are identified. It is one of the four key tests that can demonstrate anti-Israel media bias.

Hamas (as well as a few other Palestinian organizations) is a terrorist organization. Saying this is not a political statement, it is factual. The United States, the European Union, and many others identify Hamas as terrorists. Click for a complete list of terrorist groups.

While there are several slightly different definitions of terrorism, all of them specify that terrorists attacks are attacks against innocent people launched by individuals or organizations to further political aims. With Hamas’ long and bloody track record, there is ample evidence that such attacks are at the core of Hamas’ operations.

For a long time, most of the mainstream media was reluctant to use the word “terrorism.” Much of that reluctance stemmed from the idea that “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” (This idea is often attributed to former Reuters Global News Chief Steven Jukes, but actually has a much longer history.)

However, that reluctance started to drop with the attacks in Europe and the rise of ISIS in the last few years. After the Paris attacks, it has become commonplace to see the word “terrorism” on the pages of the New York Times and other papers that once did everything possible to avoid the use of the term.

Brutal, murderous attacks by those claiming to act in the name of Islam which left scores dead in various locations around the world were so obviously acts or terror, that the media simply could not make a case against it.

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